Living and Cut Pea Tendrils

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Living and Cut Pea Tendrils

Our Living Pea Tendrils are the ultimate in fresh juicy flavor! Grown in a dirt-free medium, ready to snip and add to your favorite dishes. The flavor profile is that of sweet spring peas, and you can easily upgrade anything from a salad to a sandwich. The best part? Knowing that your Pea Tendrils couldn’t possibly be any fresher because you harvested them yourself!

Our Cut Pea Tendrils are absolutely packed with bold Spring flavor! Pre-cut and ready for all your creative plating possibilities. Cut Pea Tendrils are a delicious accompaniment to lobster rolls, roasted chicken, pasta dishes, and crab cakes – those are only a few possibilities! Making a stunning plate has never been easier – with Cut Pea Tendrils!


Sweet Garden Peas

Flavour Fields

Cut 8 oz.
Living 200 sq.

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