You’ve Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers!


1. Do Microgreens keep growing if they are planted?

For the most part, yes! Not all of them will and be sure to pull the microfiber apart before planting in soil.

2. How long does it take for the plant to grow before it is ready to use?

All of our varieties grow at different speeds. Some of them take a few days. Others may take a few weeks.

3. Can Microgreens last longer than two weeks?

Generally speaking, all of our Living Microgreens can last two weeks or longer, depending on how they are cared for. To ensure the longest shelf life possible, be sure to keep the Microfiber wet, and to keep it at the recommended temperatures. Our Cut Microgreens will not last that long, but you can likely get a five day shelf life from one clamshell.

4. Can Flavour Fields customize my order? Perhaps by color or size?

We have a great option for our Living Microgreens called the Custom Duo. Here, you can get two varieties in the same box. Otherwise, you can select one of our other five mixes!

5. How many varieties do you have?

Between our Microgreens, Edible Flowers and Leaves we have over 70 different varieties!

6. Are all of your products available year-round?

All of our products are available year-round, except one: the Pepquiño. It’s the only seasonal item we carry, and you can find it from late spring to mid or late fall.

7. Are your products Organic?

Technically speaking, no. They are not organic; however, we use all the processes that an organic farmer would use. All of our plants are cared for through a Biological Crop Protection method.

8. What kind of seeds do you use?

All of our seeds are ancient and heirloom varieties that we source from all over the world. These seeds are beneficial in that they provide better flavors and better nutrition.

9. What are your Living Microgreens grown in?

It is a Microfiber substrate made from wood pulp.

10. Are your plants grown hydroponically?

Yes! Having them grow in the Microfiber is a form of hydroponic farming.


11. Can we order products directly from you?

We have some products that you can order directly from our website: such as our line of spices from Lafayette Spices. Our Microgreens, Edible Flowers, or Leaves can be ordered through a distributor or found in your local Restaurant Depot.

12. What distributors do you work with?

We work with a number of distributors across the country! To best service you, give us a call at: 631-734-8500 and our sales team can help you figure out your best option!

13. In terms of delivery, how long does it take to get your products?

Well that all depends on the company you bring our products in from and the type of contract you have with them. Anything ordered

14. Is everything in your brochures available for a pre-order option? Would I get it the next day?

You will definitely want to check with your distributor and who is offering you the pre-order program, but for the most part all of our Cut Microgreens, Edible Flowers and Leaf varieties should be available for the pre-order program.

It all depends on when you order it. If you are looking to get your products within a day then be sure to order them from your distributor as early as possible. Any time before noon, and you should have it within the next day and half.

15. Can I get the Microgreens in bigger clamshells? They come too tight with the leaves damaged.

All of our products come in either a 3/4oz clamshell or a 6/8oz clamshell. If you are having problems with the state of your product a better option might be to try the Living Microgreens.

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