Pansy Holiday Flowers Mix

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Pansy Holiday Flowers Mix

These striking flowers have an excellent shelf life and come in a variety of stunning colors. Mix them up to show off your favorite holidays such as:

  • Valentine’s Day Pansy Mix: Red Pansies
  • Easter Mix: Purple, Yellow, White Pansies
  • Mother’s Day Mix: Red Pansies
  • 4 of July Day Mix: Red, Blue, White Pansies
  • Haloween Mix: Black, Orange Pansies
  • Harvest Mix: Purple, Orange, Yellow Pansies
  • Christmas Mix: White, Red Pansies
  • New Years Mix: Black, White Pansies
  • Custom Holiday Mix: Any combination of Pansies

Continental Europe

Buttery petals with a hint of spearmint

Koppert Cress

50 ct.

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