True French Lavender: The Newest Edition to the Flavour Field Family

True French Lavender: The Newest Edition to the Flavour Field Family

True French Lavender: The Newest Edition to the Flavour Field Family

We all know Lavender as the beautiful purple sprigs seen growing around town during summer, but get ready to meet a new side of this incredible plant. Our new True French Lavender is an exciting addition to our Edible Leaves and Flowers collection. This lovely new herb is the perfect way to spruce up your summer menu items, and bring that floral, vibrant element to your dishes.

Our lavender is quite the versatile plant, as it’s great on top of dishes ranging from chicken and all the way to ice cream. The possibilities are endless with this gorgeous purple flower, and as you can see, it’s as pleasing to look at as it is to eat! One of our personal favorites is its addition to our peach, mango and salted caramel ice cream dessert, but it also pairs great with fish and chicken dishes. Don’t even get us started on cocktails. These beautiful stems will take your drinks to the next level!

We know summer is relaxing to begin with, but if you really want to de-stress, incorporating lavender is the perfect precautionary measure to keep those bad vibes away. These plants not only have an amazing shelf life of up to 24 months, but they also come with loads of health benefits. Lavender is most commonly known to reduce stress, but did you know it also provides the body will lots of vitamins? Forget the ginger shots and wheatgrass smoothies, it’s all about Lavender this summer!

Imported all the way from Provence, France, we ensure you’ll be getting some of the best quality Lavender packed full with intense flavors. Our special little flowers are grown in a climate and soil that gives them a high oil content, which enhances their flavor and smell. When you order our Lavender, you’ll be getting over 150 stems in each clamshell, giving you endless opportunities to create some amazing new dishes! From drinks to dessert, these plants will bring new life to your dishes, and hopefully some stress relieving energy to the kitchen. Enjoy our new True French Lavender, a great addition to our collection and to your creations.

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