Honey, we’ve shrunk the Marigolds!

Honey, we’ve shrunk the Marigolds!

Honey, we’ve shrunk the Marigolds!

You know by now that Flavour Fields and Koppert Cress have a reputation of making things a bit…smaller than normal. Well, we’ve done it again! Introducing our brand spankin new Micro Marigold! The tiny blossom that’s HUGE on flavor. These baby blossoms boast all the beauty of our regular sized flowers – but are a fraction of the size. Allowing you to eat the entire flower in a single bite.

Micro Marigold

Mouthwatering flavors of citrus, spice, and floral sweetness make this an easy add to everything from delicate slices of striped bass crudo, to tangerine margaritas and sweet summer pastries. Citrus notes come in the form of lemon, lime, orange, and tangerine. These fragrant fruity notes set them far apart from your typical flower garnish. A touch of spicy kick adds to their complex flavor and makes them wonderful for seafood or roasted chicken or duck.

Micro Marigold Plate

Time to throw a little history at cha… The common name in English, "marigold", is derived from "Mary's gold", a name first applied to a similar plant native to Europe. In the late 1960s, Burpee president David Burpee launched an energetic campaign to have marigolds named the national flower, but in the end, roses won out. For years, farmers have included marigolds in chicken feed to make egg yolks a darker yellow. In the 12th century a Roman poet wrote that merely looking at the Marigold plant would improve the eyesight and lighten the mood.

Micro Marigold in Clamshell

This amazing plant originally hails from South America (specifically Mexico), but these are grown right here in our sunny greenhouses. The best part – they have year round availability! At a shelf life of 7 days + you’ve got all week to drop them onto your favorite creations. These bright orange beauties are ready to rock right now. Don’t miss out on adding them to your summer dishes chef!

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