Beauteous Begonias at Flavour Fields

Beauteous Begonias at Flavour Fields

Beauteous Begonias at Flavour Fields

Flavour Fields has done it again! As crazy as it sounds, we may have just launched our most stunning blossom yet – the Incan Begonia. Shockingly bright red-orange drooping flowers boasts tart and sour flavors reminiscent of granny smith apples and green grapes. Hints of red fruit like raspberry and currant.

This incredible plant was first brought to Europe in the late 1800’s after being discovered in the Bolivian mountains. It was typically found growing in rock crevices and slopes near streams. Amazingly, the begonia group contains 1,700 species making it the fifth largest genus of flowering plants in the world.

The bright colors and intense flavors of this beautiful flower make it an easy accompaniment for both savory creations and sweet pastries. Try topping a slice of rare seared tuna, or a slab of foie gras for a surprising pop of acidity. If desserts are more your thing, these blossoms would make a stunning topper on a warm poached apple, or a freshly torched fall spiced crème brulee.

And the best part? Our Incan Begonias are available year round! That’s right, you can get these fiery blossoms deep in the heart of winter. They’re packed in containers of 50 flowers – with a shelf life of up to one week. As with all our edible flowers, our Incan Begonias are cultivated in a socially responsible manner using environmentally friendly biological crop-protection systems. They’re grown in an ultra-hygienic and sustainable environment, produced under strict HACCP guidelines, and only need a quick rinse under water.

One thing’s for sure. You’re going to want these beauties on your plates ASAP! Don’t miss out on this falls hottest edible flower experience.

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