Introducing 4 new spices to our portfolio

Introducing 4 new spices to our portfolio

Introducing 4 new spices to our portfolio

We’re introducing 4 new spices to our already expansive portfolio! Two variations on our Black Peppercorns, a Ground White Peppercorn, and a very new (and very delicious) Madras Curry Powder. These additions, while seemingly simple, have the ability to make your life in the kitchen decidedly easier.

Our famed Black Peppercorns are now available in two grind sizes to make your life easier – Coarse Grind and Fine Grind. We know that time is money chef, and we’re here to help you save as much as you can! These two grinds are perfect for a wide range of applications. While the fine grind is better for seasoning seafood, soups, and sauces, the course grind is well-suited for larger cuts of meat, braises, and roasted or grilled vegetables. These pre-ground options allow you spend more time doing what you love, and not grinding spices in the prep room.

White Peppercorn is already an incredible spice. Its complex layers of earthiness meld beautifully with delicate sauces, seafood, and raw vegetable preparations. Flavour Fields is making it easier to apply with the introduction of our Ground White Peppercorn. This pre-ground option makes seasoning ridiculously easy, all while enjoying the benefits of some of the finest spices on the market.

Lastly, our newly released Madras Curry Powder is going to blow, your, mind. This intense blend of coriander, turmeric, fennel, salt, cumin, fenugreek, caraway, and chili is complex, mesmerizing, and delicious. This exotic spice was first invented for the British in the 19th century and while not as hot as some Indian spice blends, Madras Curry is considerably hotter than most western-style curry blends. The mixture is powerful enough to stand up to long cooking times in braises, stews, and traditional curries, but also delicate and complex enough to be sprinkled last minute as a finishing spice.

And there you have it! Three new ground options and a brand spankin’ new Madras Curry Powder. 4 new options to make your cooking the absolute best it can possibly be in the New Year. Stay tuned for more releases in the coming months. We’ve got a few more tricks up our sleeves.

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