Fall Flavors at Flavour Fields

Fall Flavors at Flavour Fields

Fall Flavors at Flavour Fields

As the summer heat turns to fall chill, we turn our attention to a select group of products that seems to really flourish in the fall. These are microgreens, edible flowers, and spices that work best with autumnal ingredients. Flavors that work beautifully with dishes as the leaves fall and well into the snowy winter season.

Micro Shiso Purple

Micro Shiso Purple is one of our absolute favorites. Deep magenta leaves boast flavors of cinnamon and cumin with hints of basil and mint. These flavors work well with fall ingredients like duck, pumpkin and squash, and roasted apple. We’d pair it with a yogurt panna cotta, oat crumble, and fresh slices of ripe persimmon.

Sakura Cress

Sakura Cress is one of those microgreens that just sticks with you. Its hot peppery flavor is a standout accompaniment for roasted pork, root vegetables, and large charred steaks. The dark purple leaves and satisfying crunch are hard to resist and make for a stunning accompaniment on your fall menu.

Micro Beet Bulls Blood

Micro Beet Bulls Blood is at the heart (pardon the pun) of our fall lineup. This heirloom beet variety was one of the first microgreen varieties grown and has been used in higher end restaurants since the late 1980’s. Its deep purplish and red leaves bring a bright color to the plate and offer an alluring nutty, earthy, beet-like flavor. This would make a beautiful topper on a risotto of fall vegetables, complete with a sprinkling of toasted pumpkin seeds and a handful of grated parmesan.

Nasturtium Flowers

Nasturtium Flowers are always a joy to work with, but they’re a particular treat during the fall season, when they’re bright orange, yellow, and red petals mimic the falling leaves. Flavors of horseradish and honey pair well with autumn vegetables like brussels sprouts, sunchokes, and fall squashes. They would be spectacular layered on a salted honey pie with a dollop of softly whipped cream, or perhaps dotting a slab of crispy skinned striped bass with smoky clam broth and charred brussels sprouts.

Wild Tailed Peppercorns

Wild Tailed Peppercorns are your go-to spice for the discerning chefs fall menu. It’s earthy vegetal flavors pair perfectly with fall game like duck, venison, and squab. The berries ripen on the vine longer than usual which preserves the peppercorn’s light red color. It’s a great choice for chocolate, strawberry or pineapple desserts. Freshly ground Wild Tailed Peppercorn would make an incredible addition to a sweet tart of ricotta, roasted figs and espresso caramel.

Kampot Long Red Peppercorns

Kampot Long Red Peppercorns combine aromas of dried fruit and cinnamon with a sharp kick of heat. This is the spice you want to grab when seasoning steaks and lamb this fall season. Because of its long narrow shape, it can be grated by hand with a microplane, allowing you to season anything at a moment’s notice. Try it grated over a smoky bourbon maple cocktail or steeped in a reduction of lamb stock destined to be a complex sauce for plating.

Assam Peppercorn

Assam Peppercorn may be one of our most unusual offerings. The blackberry shaped grains can be broken up into individual pepper granules. Each bursting with an earthy, woodsy, musty flavor. It is a subspecies of long pepper and has a unique shape reminiscent of blackberries. The spiciness of this wild pepper is subtle and needs some time to develop. It would benefit from steeping for some time in a sauce, or crushed over a slice of seared foie gras with warm blackberry compote.

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